Big Apple Blues

Barry Harrison

Barry spent six years with Shemekia Copeland, joining her on a myriad of domestic and international tours. Before that, he player for several years with her father, the legendary Johnny Copeland, until his death. Barry’s playing personifies the quintessential blues-based drummer: a deep pocket, tight groove and supportive agility. It is no secret that Barry is the undisputed king of blues drummers in NYC. Thus, his name “The Baron of the Blues” as musicians often introduce him at a stage is a perfect coincidence with his true name – Baron. Currently Barry is the house drummer at the famed Manhattan blues venue, Terra Blues, working with five time WC Handy Award and Grammy Award nominee Michael Powers, as well as with other blues staple musicians in the NYC blues scene, such as Jerry Dugger, Saron Cranshaw, Clarence Spady, Bobby Radcliff, Steve Guyger, and many others.