Big Apple Blues

Jim Alfredson

Jim began writing his own songs at the age of eight on a Yamaha organ. A score of synthesizers and multitrack machines followed until he came full circle at sixteen and began lusting after the sound of the Hammond organ once again. Jim has immersed himself in the study of the mighty Hammond B3 ever since, dedicated to uncovering new directions within the deep tradition of the instrument.
Jim’s latest project is called THEO and is a progressive rock band performing original material written by Jim. The debut CD The Game Of Ouroboros was released in January of 2015 and garnered over 50 positive reviews across respected magazines and music blogs.
When he’s not on the road, Jim lives with his beautiful wife Alison in Lansing, MI. Besides practicing, listening, and performing music, Jim enjoys cooking, home improvement, and spending time with his daughters Zora, Stella, & Scarlett. Jim is also a piano tuner / technician in the Lansing area.