Big Apple Blues

Leuven Blues 2017 – Featuring Jonny Lang

Date: November 5 @ 8pm
Location: Het Depot | Leuven, Belgium

Big Apple Blues opening for:

Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang was already being called a blues-wonder child at fifteen; Rightly so. As Kid Jonny Lang & The Big Bang, he released his first album ‘Smokin’ in 1995 and received a Grammy two years later for his album ‘Wander This World’. That kid has just got what it takes, man.

His music types a wonderful swing-gospel, of which the guitar is obviously lacking. He is also not afraid to show his versatility and take part in a musical journey that fuses genres such as soul, blues, jazz, and gospel.

After many tours with major acts like The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, BB King and Sting, Jonny Lang is ready to play the Het Depot swinging. And that with a firm bite! Hold your horses, folks!

Benjamin Booker

Wild child of the Southern blues and rock ‘n roll with the voice of an experienced veteran? That is Benjamin Booker.

This young African American is overwhelming with compelling and energetic soul with his blues-punk to include some big names like Jeffrey Lee Pierce, T-Rex, The White Stripes, and his shapes of Alabama Shakes. With pure and brutal sound and a new album, ‘Witness‘, he drops on November 5 at the Leuven Blues Festival!