Big Apple Blues

The Blues Magazine – ‘Energy’ Review

The Blues – Issue #20 – Peter Feenstra

From the opening alarm of the aptly titled “Wake up and do Something” to the car engine spluttering into life on the harp-driven, funky wah-inflected “I-278 Grind”, Big Apple Blues open with a double helping of swagger that mirrors the title of their instrumental album.

Fronted by the incisive guitar playing of Zach Zunis and the deep-toned signature harp of Anthony Kane, Big Apple Blues mine some straight to the vein grooves on a blues album with rock, funk and jazz influences. Nine tightly wrapped tracks explode like spring coils and only pause for breath on the deeply wrought blues of “Remembering Eni” and the studied cool of “Lost in Thoughts”, on which the band find real intensity. Elsewhere, “Unwind” has an expansive sweep, and the title track’s shuffle rounds things off to a tee.

Unreservedly recommended.