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Leuven, Belgium - 2016

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Belgium - 2016

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Leuven Blues 2017 – Featuring Jonny Lang

Date: November 5 @ 8pm Location: Het Depot | Leuven, Belgium Tickets: Big Apple Blues opening for: Jonny Lang Jonny Lang was already being called a blues-wonder child at fifteen; Rightly so. As Kid Jonny Lang & The Big Bang, he released his first album ‘Smokin’ in 1995 and received a Grammy two years […]

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Big Apple Blues European Tour Story

The time flies fast and the Big Apple Blues European Tour was like a hurricane. To make things even more interesting, the Big Apple Blues musicians landed in Brussels during the week of the city’s lockdown for security and terrorism threat. The hype in the media gave the impression that Belgium was the most dangerous […]

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The Blues Magazine – ‘Energy’ Review

The Blues – Issue #20 – Peter Feenstra From the opening alarm of the aptly titled “Wake up and do Something” to the car engine spluttering into life on the harp-driven, funky wah-inflected “I-278 Grind”, Big Apple Blues open with a double helping of swagger that mirrors the title of their instrumental album. Fronted by […]

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Vintage Guitar – ‘Energy’ Review

The trick to a successful blues instrumental album is mixing different tempos and grooves, steering clear of “just another shuffle” (or slow blues or “Tramp” groove). And while there may not be a “Hide Away” or “Honky Tonk” here, Big Apple has put together a set of originals listenable enough for you to not miss the singer.

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Sound Guardian – ‘Energy’ Review

‘Energy’ is an impressive and meaningful album presented by musicians who sincerely deliver their understanding of instrumental presentation of my favorite music genre .
By joint musical contributions of all musicians, ‘Energy’ is a respectable and truly extraordinary instrumental conceptual album which evokes city life.

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Get Ready to Rock – ‘Energy’ Review

The heavy-duty title track shuffle blows any remaining cobwebs, as the band takes off with a suitable closing message: “Ladies & gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We want to thank you for flying Big Apple Blues and we know you’ve enjoyed this flight.”

Hell yeah, let’s do it all over again.

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Blues Blast Magazine – ‘Energy’ Review

The album opens with the first of several sound effects, an alarm call on the I-phone as the band takese band a funky approach to the new day on “Wake Up And Do Something” which offers opportunities for all the front-line players to show their chops. A car engine starting up signals the drive to work on “I-278 Grind” which has plenty of shrill harp and wah-wah guitar well supported by the organ. “Morning Jive” ups the pace at work with more blissed out wah-wah from Zach and energetic harp from Anthony.

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